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I know I have said and written it before – when it is time to let go of something or someone and I just can’t do it, the universe makes it happen for me.  Most of the time I am not aware of WHY I am being intuitively guided to let go.; sometimes there is so much more going on than I realize. 

Recently had an incident with a client where it was time to let go but I just couldn’t get settled about it.  It took me a long time to actually do it and, really, she was the one that let go.  But once it was done my gut was churning.  I was making up all kinds of reasons why in my head – I felt the need to save her, I felt like I had let her down, I felt angry that she expected me to continue doing what she wanted because she had been a client for a long time and paid a lot of money for the work I had done (as if that meant I owed her), I felt I had let myself be manipulated, I felt guilty because she doesn’t seem to have any other support, etc etc.** All of that may be true but these emotions were just results, not the cause of the inner churning.

Turns out there was a very constrictive (and old) band of energy around my waist squeezing me so tight that I couldn’t breathe.  My relationship with this person and her energetic attachments had triggered it and even had some cords connecting to it. It was a rather intense process to let it go and to allow healing.  I don’t have all the info yet, and may never get it, but it should result in more sovereignty (neutrality) around clients and other individuals in my life with similar energy/emotional fields. I am hoping this healing will help me to create and maintain deeper and more intimate relationships.

I am glad I was able to get clear enough to pay attention and allow.  I am also grateful for the help I received from a friend (thanks Diane).

** Please note I am also aware all those feelings/assumptions are/were totally MY issues.

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