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Manifesting Finally

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 All the inner preparation we do for creating and manifesting in the outer world DOES pay off.  We just have to remember that the timing is not up to us and that sometimes we also have to heal and integrate a lot that we are unaware of at the time we start our intentions.
The next phase my service to others seems to be developing.  Yesterday I sat down to allow information about possible classes to be developed. I was sure I had no idea what to do but several people over the past month or two have mentioned the idea so I decided to pay attention.  I prayed before going to bed for help in following my guidance on this and the next day I sat at the keyboard and rather flippantly told my inner being to let it flow.  I wasn’t prepared to do any ‘work’ to develop class ideas or descriptions because I didn’t want to ‘make’ it happen, I wanted it to flow easily.  I actually stayed out of my own way and the titles poured out in about 2 seconds with the descriptions following pretty quickly.  That is usually a sign that I am ready to teach and that, perhaps, others need the information.
{ At the moment I am planning on offering classes in the northern coastal San Diego County area and Thousand oaks (45 minutes north of LA,) in California.  I will also be offering one or two monthly channeled Spiritual Evolution Integration Processes via teleconferencing that will support all the participants in doing what is necessary to open and reconnect to their higher vibrational selves.  The information will be on Facebook, this blog and my yahoo group as soon as I know it, and then added to the website.}
I also got a part time job yesterday.  I have been agonizing about getting one for over a year because of my financial status.  In December I began a concentrated effort to bring greater financial abundance into the physical world.  Slowly my business has picked up, too slow for my comfort. I wanted a part time job to help supplement my income but I didn’t want to dilute my focus on my spiritual healing or from my own business.  So I prayed a lot and tried to follow my intuitive guidance about which jobs to apply for and when to apply.
So this past Monday I applied to a bunch of jobs not really paying close attention to them.  If they seemed like I could do them, I applied.  I didn’t spend a lot of time or effort or expend a lot of worry. Again it felt rather flippant – I guess I healed more than I thought or I am sure I wouldn’t have been so carefree about it.  I received a call from one of the emailed resumes on Monday afternoon, interviewed and was hired on Tuesday.
My first immediate reaction was one of doubt and worry that I might be screwing up what I truly want to do by spending so much time with a job but I bundled up all the worry and anxiety and turned it over to God. I am ready for the contrast of financial abundance to begin.
I am trying to balance the practical needs of an every day life in the physical world with my spiritual healing – all part of deep integration.
This job is perfectly situated in the day to give me time to walk, meditate and write in the morning and to work with clients or conduct classes in the evenings and on weekends.  I only mention this because the guidance to structure my life like this began a few months ago, and now I have a job that supports that too.  Isn’t it beautiful how it all came together?
I see all of these developing circumstances as the result of much work with myself to become more positive and to expect and appreciate the wonder of manifesting from joy rather than hopelessness/helplessness.  I also know the intense spiritual healing and integration I have allowed has made all the difference in how I approach all of this.  It is my intention that the practical reality of spiritual integration continues to expand my abundance on all levels in the physical world as well as my spiritual mastery while I am in this human body in this life.  I wish the same for all of you too.
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