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Spiritual Evolution -slightly different

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Spiritual growth comes the ways we allow it.  If we close off one way, it shows up some other way. Sometimes we have to approach various parts or phases of it from many different ways at the same time.

Mine often comes with beautiful and exciting visualizations, information, and discernible energy shifting.  I had some of that this week (see my yahoo group for my description of a beautiful integration of a higher aspect of me while working with someone else– down2earthspritstff on This past week it has also come via eating differently and some emotional work done for a program in which I am participating, both of which I was guided to do by my intuition. (This is what I call practical spiritual stuff.)

I switched to vegan eating a little over a week ago.  Not just vegan but about 80% raw with hardly any fruit and no grains (I will eventually begin sprouting them).  I have been amazed at myself at how I just did it considering I have been guided to do this for about 7 years and couldn’t stick with it.  But the time is now, so it is happening.

I have been detoxing since about the 4th day, which is not pleasant but it is informative.  It means my body reeeeaaaaaaally needed this change, to give it a break physically and to help it catch up with the energy shifts the rest of me already went through.  I have already noticed that I generally feel better, even though I cannot put my finger on exactly what is better physically.  However, in my spiritual work there is a greater clarity and ease that is noticeable.  I move quicker into the higher vibration needed to support my clients with their healing choices, and, more importantly, I am staying in that higher vibration longer because my body isn’t fighting off the effects of harsh, and sometimes toxic, food that it doesn’t want or need.

Additionally, either as part of this detox or as part of some emotional inventory work I am doing, I tapped into some deep hurt I had not healed yet.  It is hurt I have visited before but now I am approaching it on a much deeper level.  How can I tell?  Because today when I woke up I felt much lighter after all the emotional flow that happened yesterday when I tapped into the hurt.  I feel as if I opened a door to a place where I had stuffed a bunch of that hurt while trying to believe it didn’t matter or was already healed.

You know how our higher selves are – we are put in situations where we get to learn or heal, if we choose, and where the people we interact with usually participate in that healing in some way.  So I had help in opening the door to this deep hurt by an insensitive and controlling family member who so brilliantly (and easily) triggered some deep feelings of non-acceptance and invalidation.  I also was helped by an acquaintance innocently asking how someone could get to be my age and not have experienced something that I keep thinking I desperately want to experience (life with a mate/partner). It just wasn’t part of her reality so she couldn’t understand it.

I am reminded that if I didn’t have this stuff to heal no one would be triggering me. After all the emotions released I was able to embrace that thought easier (LOL!!) and bless that family member and acquaintance for the role played in all of this.  I also realized that anything I am using as a focus for holding on to old emotions is just a distraction.  If I didn’t already have a belief that I needed something outside of me in order for me to be acceptable or loved or whole, none of the expectations or desires would matter.  For instance, if I accepted myself totally as I am I wouldn’t still have the belief that I need to please anyone else in order to survive or be happy, yet I still have some of that I struggle with. There are a lot more examples but I plan to write them up in another blog.

I am aware of the more practical nature of this phase in my spiritual evolution because of my experiences this week with my reactions to my change in eating and my emotional work done while following my intuitive guidance.  I did not know what would result from following that guidance, but I have enough experience to follow any intuitive guidance that comes to me this strongly.  I am pleased with myself and my growth.

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