Thursday, 22 April 2010 18:20

Contented Way of Being

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I am experiencing some personal changes in an interesting way.  In the past two days I have had the privilege of assisting two friends through pivotal shifts.  However, during each of their shifts I too have been worked on.  I am not sure I have noticed that before.  I know when I work with my monk friend it happens but then she is a very high vibration, and there is no way it cannot.  But now it is happening with me.

Additionally, a week ago I listened to my higher self as it emphatically told me to stop eating meat products.  So now I am detoxing too but I think it is helping my vibration raise more.  My intuitive guidance tells me that there is less resistance in the body to the shifting I am experiencing so it seems to be happening faster.

On two different days this week I basically spent most of the day by myself (other than walking and running to the library) AND, drum roll, I didn’t beat myself up about it or push myself to do anything more.  I am just being – too many changes are occurring for me to do anything else.  Somehow the days are being filled up. Between all the new vegan and raw foods recipes I am trying and all the pro bono work I have been guided to do and the clients, I am busy.  It is a lovely busy though, just enough so I am not too bored but not too much to make me crazy.  I can no longer run from one thing to another.  Everything is mindful or it is stressful.  I kind of like living this way. I am content with myself more times than not.  It is a pleasure to say that and to live it.  I APPRECIATE this state of being immensely.

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