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Guidance to Alignment

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 We always get plenty of opportunity to make changes in the direction of alignment with our higher self.  It is our choice as to how the opportunity shows up and if we actually realign.

I have noticed that the guidance to do that often begins very gently, maybe a whisper of an idea.  Then it gets stronger, perhaps all kinds of synchronicities occur and/or certain things in our life just go away.  Then it gets a lot stronger, sometimes hardship or physical discomfort.    Maybe I see that in my clients and the people around me (in person and online) because it has been that way with me and I notice that which is like me. It is hard to tell.

Also, aligning with our higher self shows up in all areas of our life, financial, relationships, self-talk, physical, etc.   It doesn’t just effect some esoteric beliefs or conscious awareness of ourselves as god.

I was watching a dvd on Thursday night and all of a sudden found myself unable to watch anymore.  I turned it off and thought I was tired.  But what happened is that my higher self wanted to have a talk with me. Usually when my higher self wants me to do something different I gradually become aware of it or I just do it, then wonder afterwards what is going on.  Not this time.  I heard a very firm  voice talk to me that night.   I also know that I had been resisting this guidance for a little while, even going to sleep a few days before when it was trying to come through stronger.

And what did it say?  Did it share more magic from the universe?  Did it give me insight into more earth changes?  NO, it was very practical and direct (and loud!!). It told me to stop eating meat products – no chicken, no ground turkey,  no eggs, no butter and no cheese. A few times a week I can have some fish.    I have been guided and attracted to vegan eating for over 7 years but have not had the internal emotional maturity to stick with it because part of the way I was still limiting myself is by allowing my addiction to certain foods and the effects they had on me emotionally control me.  I even allowed a genetic tendency towards diabetes become a reality because of this.

So when you hear a voice strongly in your head telling in no uncertain terms to change something, you change.  Or at least I did.  This part of me told me some other things too that I needed to change to be able to handle the increase in clientele that I have already co-created.  It was all very practical but tied to the spiritual evolution I have been experiencing recently.  But the way this information came to me was so different I paid attention and acted on it right away.  I am thrilled that I have grown enough that I didn’t have to create any more physical distress to ‘get’ it.

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