Tuesday, 13 April 2010 18:24

Just Here Now

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 I am having a wonderfully calm, peaceful, optimistic, aware day.It comes after several weeks of intense shifting, but that is usually how it is. The difference is that I am enjoying it fully.  I am not making myself busy, I am not nagging myself to go for a walk or exercise in some other way, I am not trying to think of places I can go just to get out of the house.  I am enjoying the day.  it is sunny and the birds are expressing their joy loudly and the wind is ruffling the trees.  Everything is very green and perky.

I got caught up in someone else’s money fears yesterday and got out of them within hours and was able to help someone move into a more aligned energy place, where she could more fully embrace her higher purpose in this life.  It was a beautiful and moving session with very clear goddess guidance.  I love those sessions.

I am finding a deeper sense of self-acceptance which is leading to greater acceptance and compassion for others.  A lovely side benefit is this inner peace, calm and joy.  I am really enjoying this part of my spiritual evolutionary path.

I appreciate all the work and contrast that occurred for me to be able to enjoy now.

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