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Intuitive Guidance Doesn't Always Explain

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 I get to have some of the most interesting experiences following my intuition.  I have been particularly blessed lately with meeting new people who have brought so much richness to my growth.  I enjoy and treasure the ever-increasing happiness I am finding by my continued spiritual evolution.  But I LOVE (and am very entertained by) the out of this world magical visions that come when big shifts occur and when I am around other spiritual masters who are very open.

I met a master healer recently and experienced support in healing on all levels.  He recommended some vitamins, herbs and healing techniques based on his knowledge and intuitive feedback from my body and higher self.  He also did some craniosacral healing for my body.  The fun part came when we started working with our higher selves to clear/heal energy with and for each other.
I helped to clear some implants within him and to realign/recalibrate some of his integrating energy.  Please note a spiritual surgeon (a spiritual being who is a surgeon) showed up to do the actual work, I only facilitated it.  The healer also asked me to channel a lot of information about various life cycles of existence plus some other interesting stuff that I usually don’t think about, as well as the ‘normal’ stuff people ask about when they meet a psychic.
This healer helped me clear some old imprints and agreements that have been limiting me, especially an old lifetime (before Lemuria) where I decided I needed to sacrifice myself to hold part of the earth together during a cataclysmic explosion to try to save a group of people.  My soul was shattered while some part of me held on to some dark energy that caused the explosion, and the rest of me has been governed by some of the old ways of being in that society (isolationist, not wanting to mingle with the ‘real’ physical world, etc).  That is the extremely short version of the story.  This is a theme I have had over and over in many lifetimes and in many dreams in this lifetime. It was quite an involved process to heal this and to release some of the old energy of it, as well as participate in healing some of that energy on a global level. We also addressed an old vow that I swear I have released over and over of obedience, chastity and poverty.  YUCK!!  I sure hope that one finally releases.
It was an incredible healing session that I am still recovering from two days later.  It was very intense for both of us because we both tend to be people who open completely and whole heartedly, allowing healing as deep as it can go and were excited to be around someone else who would/could do the same. I released a lot of fear (so much that three separate times in 2 hours I thought I was going to pass out from the intensity of it), changed a lot of energetic DNA and re-integrated a lot of pieces of my soul.  I also released a lot of ‘darker’ (or lower vibration) energy that was caught deep inside of me from that lifetime and reconnected with the energy I work in – the divine pink vibration.  I am sure a lot of new understanding will come from this as time goes on.  Right now I am being kind to myself as I continue integrating and shifting from all of this.
The lesson in all of this for me is to continue following my intuitive guidance even when I do not understand it or cannot imagine what the outcome will be.  I met this healer when I posted a request on a yahoo group for local holistic events, healers, classes etc.  I was looking to trade my healing facilitation services for a massage. I love massages and I need them now that I am back making art (I make fabric art – lots of sewing and hunched shoulders).  This person responded.  I thought it was a woman and called to make an appointment.  When I realized he was male, I almost cancelled because I have not been impressed by too many men calling themselves master healers. The when I saw where he lived I almost turned around and went back home, because he lives in an apartment complex that looks like it is for homeless people and I was not comfortable with that.    Then when I sat down to talk to him and he was talking about vitamins and herbs I once again thought I made a mistake.  Each time I thought any of this, my higher self directed me to  stay, be open and allow.  So I did.
I am so glad I did not let my judgment and fear get in the way of me following my intuitive guidance.  And the funny thing is I never received a massage at all.
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