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A Simple Perspective Shift Can Make A Huge Difference

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 I am having an incredibly growthful time.  The past week my higher self has been working over time to help me change my perspective in many ways.  I am thrilled that these shifts do seem to be MUCH gentler than the way I usually shift.

I want to share two specific circumstances with you.  You can see if there is something in your life or something you are holding on to that might benefit from a slight change in perspective.

1.  Letting go of looking at the negative – esp when looking at the past. I met a woman last week who doesn’t dwell on the past at all.  She doesn’t let anything that happened before limit her future or her present moment.  She was delightful and insightful. I know I had a lovely opening by being in her presence both because I learned so much from her and because of her positive attitude.

I was a bit overwhelmed with how much I changed as a result of that meeting.  When I was trying to explain how I felt to a friend, the friend took the opportunity to really blast me because I wasn’t able to explain myself clearly – she felt I wasn’t understanding how important the visit had been to my growth or she got impatient with my fumbling around with it.  Then she proceeded to dump some other opinions on me about my behvior , moods, and conversations, all involving me needing to change the way I judge others, speak and my mood in general. She didn’t lie in what she said, she was just incredibly harsh and determined to say what she felt she needed to say without any real conversation about it. It was difficult to hear because I was already still vulnerable and overwhelmed from the internal processing going on.

I was angry at first, and for most of the day.  But I was lovingly guided by my intuition to view my friend’s conversation as another step in preparing me for the deep shift I did the next day.  I saw this nudging to the next level of processing (really to complete the process that  began earlier in the week) just came from another aspect of god showing up as my friend, as if she was intuitively guided to say what she did.  I might not have paid attention if it came to me just as intuitive knowledge. That change in perspective allowed me to  relax and let go of any anger or resentment at my friend as if it never occurred.     She played her role in my life at that moment beautifully.

The big shift was a release of old resentment and bitterness at how I have been treated in this life and about all the things/events/ circumstances and people I either didn’t get to experience or had to let go of during my spiritual evolution. The shock of how my friend talked to me and what she said helped make it happen sooner (always my choice).  Without all that old stuff it is easier for me to believe in all sorts of possibilities for me  and to allow manifestation of wonders in my life.

2. Change in how I view taking care of myself -  I have been guided to a recovery program for food addiction and needed to come up with a plan to follow each day.  I was seeing it as a punishment even though I chose to do this and even though in the almost 3 weeks I have been in the program I have grown by leaps and bounds.  Someone made a suggestion that changed everything.  She suggested I change the title to a Plan of Loving Kindness.  Isn’t that something???  I relaxed as soon as I began thinking of it that way.  I felt happier and all the inner resistance danced away.

I am happy with my willingness to pay attention, stay open and change my attitude/perspective when I get stuck or blocked.

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