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Oh The Places We Will Go

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It doesn’t matter if you are committed to spiritual mastery, becoming a better person or developing your intuition, you will need to be flexible in what you might need to do to get ‘there’, wherever YOUR there is.

I chose spiritual mastery – comittment to remembering and living as the spiritual master I AM, the god being in a human body  (we all are, I am just choosing that conscious path). Letting go of duality and ego control has taken me to some very dark, low and some high, joyful places.  I am more balanced now but am embarking on a journey that is giving me the opportunity to address some deeply held fears and sadness, and to let go of more ego attachments.

I am writing about it so you will know that owning our own mastery does not mean we do everything according to some perfection standard we make up in our heads, or that others try to impose upon us.  It just means we own who we truly are and strive to live with/in/from that knowing every day.

I was guided to join a recovery program for my food addiction.  I have worked for years and years and years to heal all sorts of inner blocks and emotional damage to open up to my god-being more and more.  I live by my intuition in just about every aspect of my life except around food.  I was hoping all the metaphsycal reasons for the addiction would be healed and by some miracle the addiction would go away.  I certainly have tried changing over and over and over.  It is about 50-60% better than it was 6 years ago (and I am a lot lighter physically as a result),  but not healed and I give it too much power over me. I am learning to approach it the same way I have any other healing I have experienced – I am taking my power back, accepting myself completely and making different choices.

In the one week I have been going to meetings I have found a list of ways my ego is still in control of my emotions and behaviors. So I am embracing the shame that I was led to a recovery program (see- another ego judgment that I am bad for needing to go to this kind of program) and learning that progress not perfection is the goal. Not unlike living as a spiritual master!!

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