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Deep Compassion As Part of My Spiritual Mastery

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 Have you ever gone deep within your heart to tap into your most potent connection with your source/soul/higher self to pray with great compassion for another human being?  More importantly, have you done it to pray for someone who you believe has wronged, betrayed, judged, angered or hurt you?

I have.  I did it yesterday as a matter of fact. I became very angry at a client who I extended the courtesy of working with prior to paying for a few sessions because he had been so prompt in paying for previous sessions.  He not only refused to pay but indicated that no spiritual/energy work was done because he couldn’t see all the improvements he wanted in his every day physical body and life.
Putting aside all the reasons why he isn’t allowing the changes to filter into his awareness and how this might be another lesson in making sure people always pay ahead of time (even if they have been previous customers), I am embarrassed to say that I reacted with anger. I felt cheated, invalidated and self-doubtful.  I even posted something on facebook to vent my anger and, quite frankly, get some sympathy.  Within half an hour I removed it because I didn’t want that energy on my profile.
I followed my shame into myself to heal it and to calm down.  I was intuitively guided to remember that everything that happens to me is an opportunity for growth and that I participated in some way.  I became aware of how some of my money issues were beginning to crop up and my anger at something this client had posted on his facebook colored one of my interactions with him (and clouded my energy a bit).  I also was guided to do a very lovely healing on some of my remaining prejudices towards others who hate my religious culture (as this man has indicated on his facebook page).  Additionally, I allowed more healing on the money issues that were beginning to show up again.
As I became clearer and more grounded I could be more objective about the whole event.  I knew I wanted to do more than just thank this man’s higher self for his help in bringing up so much for me to heal.
So in my visualization I walked into my heart.  I allowed the swelling of love to infuse through me and radiate out. I then began praying for him. In the middle of the prayer I received more information about the circumstances around his choices and I was able to open my heart even more to him.  I was also able to see some aspects of his higher self and his heart responding beautifully to my prayers.  I was touched to the core and was easily moved beyond any negative thought or emotion and even went deeper into trusting I will be taken care of financially no matter what it looks like on a particular day.
This was a sacred and moving experience for me. I was uplifted through praying for another person who was not thinking the best of me.  I cannot tell you how happy and grateful I am for this opportunity.
Earlier in my life I would have ranted and raved and held on to negative emotions for a long time, constricting my heart and energies more and more.  I know that never effects the other person, it only hurts me.  I also know I have evolved too much to be comfortable carrying that energy around for any length of time (even an hour).
Sometimes I doubt my growth and I feel I have so much more to do how can I possibly believe anything has changed.  This experience has shown me a more realistic side of my spiritual evolution; that indeed I am embracing my mastery thoroughly and emphatically.
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