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Making Plans Within Spiritual Mastery

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 Making plans is an interesting experience when you are a lightworker.  As a person committed to my spiritual mastery I do my best to discern what is for my highest and best good with every action on every day.  This includes plans I might have made to meet people or participate in an event.

I do my best to check in with my intuition before I commit to anything but I change. During the past month the internal shifts have been so fast and so deep that each day I wake up wondering what I am going to be like that day.  I cannot count on it being the same as the day before.  If I hadn’t already experienced quite a bit of healing around flexibility, ceasing goal setting, and trusting my intuitive guidance this would be very frustrated.

As it is now, it is just another part of my morning routine to ask myself what is the best for me that day.  Today I had 5 or 6 events to choose from.  I actually committed to two.  Pleasantly enough, when I got up this morning I realize that it is ok to do both of them.  Perhaps I am catching up with myself enough that some plans made days in advance can be kept.  Only time will tell.

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