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So when I am going through a ‘healing’ opportunity I am often desperate for ways to feel better.  In February an old, deep issue came up again for possible healing.  I don’t know about you but not only do I go through all the feelings that were suppressed around my issue but I also go through anger and upset that I am going through it again!!!  Not very productive but one of those things I have not healed yet.

When I am in the middle of the shift I need help in feeling better so I don’t wallow in fear and anger and sabotage my own spiritual/energetic/emotional growth.  I have four websites I go to often to read beautiful uplifting messages and to remind myself who I truly am – What’s Up on Planet Earth with Karen Bishop, Messages from Matthew at, Crimson Circle, and Celia Fenn’s website (Starchild Global – I read her logs).

I turn to my most uplifting friends.  I have two friends who live as fully as they can and want to continue to do so.  I have another friend who is so calm, I feel calmer just talking to her.  Then I have yet one other friend who is also one of my most treasured teachers.  She is a monk and she often helps loosen even more layers to be healed or released.

I have met some wonderful people online through various lists.  One of them lightens everything through her prayers.  Sometimes I get on one of my favorite lists,, and ask for energy help.  I also go to several funny sites to just try to laugh.

Eventually I get to the emotional place where I can think of something besides myself and my imagined woes. I believe in taking responsibility for my feelings and actions and thoughts.  But that doesn’t mean I have to do it all (whatever ‘it’ is) by myself.  Teachers and supporters show up in all sorts of places. I take advantage of them all and am grateful for them all.

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