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An Exquisite Moment

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 I call it that because I do not have adequate words to describe a recent experience I had.  I only have feelings and images in my head and a sense of a momentous occasion.

I have had many wonderful inner growth spurts in the past 3 months culminating in a much higher aspect of me integrating last week (or beginning the integration into my physical body last week, not sure if it is done yet).  Then a new client contacted me over this past weekend.  This client was so separated from his emotions and intuition due to a set of horrific experiences in this life that all I could see was darkness and blankness within him.  Yet, he retained enough memories to know that he used to have emotions and very highly developed knowledge of himself as a starseed and a light worker.

We have had 4 sessions so far.  Each day he opened a tiny bit more, and I mean tiny.  Each day I assisted his higher self in the form of various angels and guides to reconnect him consciously to himself and to heal his emotional and physical body (ok I know I know I am not supposed to say we healed the body but I could see it and he could feel it).  Yesterday, he opened so far he began feeling his emotions again, he let me into the details of his physical body (I could see the cells), he showed me times when he was a different being, I saw him reconnect to a sliver of the joy that he is.  I heard his frequency harmonize so beautifully that the sound of (it sounds like music to me) made me cry.

The reason I write all of this is because I have spent the past 16 years yearning to help people remember and recognize their true selves as aspects of god.  I have been discouraged because most of the time people just want to go to the next step, maybe, or I get a rash of clients who just want to feel better or get info about their future. Plus I have been going through my own internal spiritual and energetic transformation and I may not have been ready to help people at the level I wanted to or felt I could at some point.

This week I was able to participate in such a beautiful opening with someone who came to me wanting to leave this earth because he was so miserable and who will go on to change the lives of many people on earth (he is an inventor and healer). I was so moved I found myself crying throughout the day.

I had a perfect harmonic moment with my higher self when I saw his growth. It was a moment that my inner being had been working towards and yearning for during many years.  It doesn’t sound like much but it was an incredibly profound and sacred moment for me.  Think of it like you work towards something your whole life and then it happens. I feel complete.  This is what I want and what I have been committed to.  I was so honored to be able to participate and assist in this opening for him.

AND – it is the beginning of another phase of life.

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