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Serving Vs Money, Not Mutually Exclusive

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 Things certainly have been different for me since I integrated the higher aspect of me this past week. I have embraced my joy in giving and helping, while also totally knowing that I am being supported in the physical world whether I receive any money or not for any specific assistance I give anyone.

Yet when called earlier this evening twice by someone in Europe in such emotional pain that he did not pay even thought he agreed he would after the first time he called, I felt a twinge of the old fear coming back. I helped him even though my fear came up about being paid. I am so glad. I prayed for him after we hung up too. He has a long road to go to healing and seems very committed about moving along it. It feels so right to work with him. I also hope he will honor his agreement to pay me for my time.

But that isn’t what is important at this moment for me. It is important that I honor his part in assisting me in discovering more healing needed around this. I know it isn’t all about money but I need money to live on the earth at this time. I haven’t yet found anyone to barter or give me food, all of my medical care (only some of it), a place to live, phone service or utilities, although I am VERY open to that!! I do not want to decline helping anyone because I am not being paid for it yet I need to earn money. This is more a dilemma for the mind rather than for my heart and spirit. I know that, I even feel it most of the time but those old twinges sometimes come back.

I am choosing to heal this inner conflict that I still feel a little bit. The conflict between the part of me that really wants to help (or really feels called strongly to help) and the part that demands I get paid for it and is fearful if I do not that I will not earn enough money to live in this human body in this world at this time. I am embracing the fullness of being able to create a beautiful, secure, safe, fun and comfortable physical life that I enjoy very much AND I answer my calling to assist others in their spiritual growth. I can do both and allow both even when my mind/ego wants to make a direct connection and there is not one.  I am walking into the aspects of me that revel in assisting others in their spiritual evolution, although I notice I am doing it rather gingerly as if I am not sure what doors I might be opening with this.

So upon reflection maybe I did get paid for this assistance, just not in money at this time. Isn’t it beautiful how things work?  God Bless this man for his help.  As the tears roll down my face, I am grateful.

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