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Detachment Can Feel Strange

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The truth is that I just don’t care about a lot of things these days. I guess it would be more precise to say that I am trying to get used to the widespread detachment that has occurred as a result of all the processing.

For the past 2.5 months I have been on a very focused journey of bringing all my intensely desired metaphysical changes and expansion into the physical world. I am very happy to see that it seems to be working. I have more clients, I feel like it is time to get out to meet people, I am back walking again, and I am tapping into my inner peace more consistently and effortlessly. There is an interesting side effect that I am also experiencing – a widespread detachment.

For instance, I have a yahoo group (down2earthspiritstuff) where I share channelings I and a few others write as well as occasional articles about my heart opening/spiritual awakening. I have not written a thing in a long while for that group. This month I find that I am not really keeping up with the blogging either. I also am not in a hurry to make any art or do any overt marketing for my business or to look for a job. I am aware that two very dear friends might be leaving this world this year and while I am sad I am not overly traumatized because I am so detached.

The concern began on Friday. Am I distracted or drained, wiped out from all the processing or in denial about what I need to be doing? Was I doing the writing only for marketing purposes or to feed my ego? Seriously, am I fooling myself because I don’t feel inspired or driven to do much of anything these days?  How do I make myself do anything when I am this detached to any outcome at all? 

I am expecting inspired action to happen, i.e. action born from intuition or wisdom.  Overall there isn’t much of that happening either – or so it seems to me. I don’t have any answers – just wondering today about it all. Since I don’t feel guilty about it all or anxious I don’t see any point in doing anything differently. I just find my mind trying to worry it a bit because it is a new pattern of living for me. I also think we all have periods of ‘down’ time when it is not prudent to do anything, to make any decisions or take actions towards new goals (or to even have goals). Sometimes when the shifts are big or deep it takes time to fully detach from old patterns/actions/events/internet activities and sometimes that period of detachment is important to provide metaphysical (and physical) room for the new possibilities and activities. Also my hunch – not sure if it is a knowing yet – is that I have laid the foundation for a lot of movement in my physical every day life and now I need to be still so it catches up with me.

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