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Being Honest About my Fear

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OK I admit it. I am terrified. No matter how much processing, sitting with it, re-parenting, breathing, meditating, distracting or imagining I do, I am still terrified. I have comforted myself with the reminder that every choice I make tends to be for deep spiritual growth even when I am not aware of it, and I am still terrified.

My ego (the inner judge and blamer) tells me that no one will want to work with me if I admit that I am terrified about what is happening to me financially so I have been trying to either not talk/write about it or be very positive when I do. The truth is even gifted healers and intuitives have their own stuff to deal with. I hit a wall last night and all I can do right now is admit it.

I know I am one of the luckier ones because in 2 months when I have no more money I can sell or give everything away and go live in my friend’s ashram. It is not what I want to do or where I want to live geographically, but it is available. At least I have a place to go to and a working car to get me there.

I have done everything I have been intuitive guided to do (that I was aware of), I have worked on this fear for a year, I have consistently and constantly looked for a job, I have marketed my business, I am doing my best to give of both my time and my money so I am not so constricted energetically and still not enough money comes to me and I am not in a situation where I am supported by others for my physical comforts (i.e. no family, no community, etc). I do believe that had I been more frugal these past few years I might have still had enough money for about 4 more months, but that could just be me judging myself and I can’t do anything about it right now anyway. It is done.

How is it that I can be so powerful and gifted as a healer and intuitive for everyone else but can’t create what I need in the physical world? Although even as I write that part of me reminds me that up to now I have been ok (perhaps not getting what I want but definitely what I need). It is only the reality of my bank account and the math that tells me the money running out that has me terrified. I want to be more in the now and not worry about the future but we are talking a month and a half.That might as well be now.

So today – more walking to drain off some of this excess energy and more inner work to break the stranglehold of whatever is blocking me from functioning more adeptly in the physical world OR whatever keeps me from accepting that this is perfect and all will be well even if I end up with only a few small appliances and some cloths in an ashram.

But I am asking for help. I am asking for supportive prayers and healing energy from all who read this. May I find a way to connect with my inner abundance and find a way to create that in the physical world. May whatever growth I am generating from this be quick (MUCH quicker) so that I can shift this energy.

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