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More Proof of Change

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So much change is going on within me that I haven’t even begin to describe it all in these blogs.  One of the things I like is proof that these inner changes are making a difference in my every day life. There is a part of me that would like this proof to be financial abundance, a mate and nourishing community.  None of that has shown up in my life yet BUT my own reactions are much calmer and more peaceful. I have hope that will lead to enjoying life thoroughly no matter how it turns out.

Today when I was trying to purchase some books using my ATM card it was denied, twice.  I didn’t have any cash on me and I don’t own any credit cards.  Instead of getting  angry or embarassed I just told the clerk I would have to come back another time and went to my  bank. I didn’t notice any fear either.  It turns out there were two other people in the branch having the same problem, as it was the bank’s fault.  Now I still have to wait for a new card and find my check book to pay for things but there is nothing wrong with my account.

I reacted VERY differently than I used to.  I didn’t blame anyone, I didn’t yell at anyone, I didn’t try to force my will on anyone. I was calm, accepting and took appropriate action. I am loving myself right now!!

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