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Addressing Fear in a Different Way

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 After some beautiful and intense inner shifting last week, wherein I once again committed to expanding my awareness of myself as my ‘true’ or higher self, I went into some equally intense fear of how that would affect my every day physical life. I thought I was being guided to do something I do not want to do (move across the country).
My usual way of dealing with this would be to imagine walking into the fear, shining love or embracing it until it integrated. I felt too overwhelmed this time so I tried something else that seemed to work perfectly.
Each time I found myself worrying or panicking about what I thought I was being guided to do, I imagined connecting with the bright, expanding, heart centered inner light that is me. Since I am clairvoyant I could see it. I also let myself feel and sense the energy of that inner light, then I allowed the light to expand throughout my systems.
After a few seconds of imagining this re-connection, I felt calmer and my mind would stop the endless circling around what I did not want. Each time worry crops up I contract inside and then block whatever the most appropriate flow of energy is for me or wherever it might lead me. After reconnecting with my inner light, I felt myself relaxing and opening more, allowing the energy to flow once again.
I have no idea if I will be moving or not but right now it is not in my highest and best interest to focus on it. I am focusing on my expanding inner light, myself as my higher self and my internal intuitive guidance for TODAY!!
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