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Aligning with my Higher Self

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I had some rather revolutionary thoughts today after realigning with my higher self.  These interesting questions came to me: What if it is not in alignment with my higher self for me to have a job right now? What if my financial situation is absolutely perfect for me at this time and what am I learning or healing because of it?

This wonderful insight came after much mental chatter.  I have been grappling with reconnecting with my heart’s desire, especially with sorting out what is in my heart and what is leftover from my ego. I do not have clarity on that yet.  I have also been visiting a lot of self doubt and self-blame energy, in addition to the fear,  around my financial situation.  As I was contemplating all of this during my morning walk,  I saw a sign this morning outside a local coffee shop that read something like this:  ”If you are depressed, perhaps you have miscounted your blessings.”

This got me to thinking about how much time I spend focusing on things/events that I do NOT consider blessings which led me to my belief that if things are not flowing in my life I must be doing something wrong, which reminded me of something I recently read and re-remembered – that we are all in the absolutely perfect place for us for maximum spiritual growth. Today as all my thoughts were whirling around about my struggle to find a job or working ‘harder’ to build my business I also began wondering about my ego’s part in all of my ‘delays’ or side trips away from financial abundance. I am also not sure about what to focus on for my life (as a goal) as what I thought I wanted has not come to me in 10 years.  This is why I blame myself so much because I assume I have done something wrong or am still sabotaging myself or what I want has all been constructed from my ego and I still haven’t discovered my heart’s desire. SHEW!!

So here I am going round and round, not feeling particularly great when it struck me that if we are in the perfect place for our growth and I don’t feel good then I might not be in alignment with my higher self. So I intended that alignment and yes, indeed, I was pretty far out of alignment.  Once I shifted I felt better and those afore-written thoughts came to me.  I could feel all sorts of inner emotions and energies calming down.

Now some little troublemaker inside wants to say that I like that thought because it is an excuse not to get out there and pound the pavement more to look for a job. But it feels like an aha rather than an excuse so I am going with it until it doesn’t feel right. I am being led deeper into my understanding and acceptance of how things work at a higher vibration.  The resistance to going there and to knowing this has been dragging me down. So I embrace my situation fully, accepting the experience as a mechanism for fabulous growth, knowing I can create a joyful life from staying in alignment with my higher self NO MATTER WHERE IT LEADS ME!!

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