Thursday, 14 October 2010 15:22

Go to the Movies

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When I get stuck in worry or fear I am often directed to do something that will fully engage my mind so I can allow the inner shifting that is necessary at the time, or so I can stop blocking my higher self from bringing to me what I need.  Today I went to the movies.

In the middle of the movie I allowed my energy to make a shift that has been coming for over a week.  It is a big step further into faith and less separation between the energy of my body and the energy of my soul.  Some inner block was opened and all kinds of old energy was released.  I saw all kinds of spiritual help to lead me and support the integration.

Now I am calm. Some of the same thoughts floated through that I had this morning before the movie but the emotional charge is gone.  They feel like memories do once my vibration has made a major shift - like they were from long ago or another lifetime.

So even if it seems odd, if you are directed to do something that will engage or distract you in  a positive way when your life seems depressing or full of fear - GO DO IT.    It is part of letting this spiritual  evolution integrate into your every day life.

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