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Choosing to Release with Ease

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When one is moving into the higher vibrations all the people events and circumstances that are still mired in the lower vibration energies fall away. Sometimes we can gently extricate ourselves, sometimes there is a natural change and sometimes something dramatic has to happen to remind us to let go. I like it when the natural changes occur, where it seems like the person or event or group was never in my life at all. I don’t miss it or them and I don’t spend hours analyzing what happened before remembering (or getting the information intuitively) that I made a leap in consciousness and whatever is leaving my life doesn’t resonate with it.

Unfortunately, sometimes I hold on. When that happens the releasing isn’t comfortable or easy, although it always happens at some point because too much energetic friction occurs when it is time to let go or move on and the energies no longer resonate between two people. Eventually there will be fire or conflict of some sort, which may or may not clear the air but often results in the releasing that needed to happen. My experience is that this kind of a release is accompanied by a lot of hurt feelings, so it is kinder to gently let go when one is nudged to do so.

Doesn’t all that sound wonderful and so loftily spiritual? It usually ends up being messier for me than I want.

I am experiencing more gentle changes in my life but when it comes to people I have been very close to or family members I have a hard time detaching and distancing when it is obviously time to do so.My emotions are rarely in sync with my energy/spiritual changes. Sometimes I hold on to the point of creating a lot of internal angst, then one of us usually says or does something very hurtful that creates the distance or end of the relationship.

I experienced this recently with a sister in law. In this case I got triggered by something she wrote and responded from my heart and intuition in a way that wasn’t as kind as it could have been. Her reactions, and my brother’s, reminded me why I needed to let go of close interactions with them. I was triggered because there is something within me to heal and shift but also because it has long been past time to let go of any emotional attachment to them. I am working on forgiving myself for my part in this and compassionately asking for healing for the highest good for both of them. I am also focusing on healing my inner issue that caused me to be triggered in the first place.

I am pleased that I recognized what was going on the moment I began reading her response and that I did not react in anger. I appreciate all the signs of positive change. LOL!!

It is my intention to live more gently and to pay attention to the intuitive guidance that tells me when I need to detach from emotional entanglements with people, places, events, beliefs or things.




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