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Beautiful Signs of Things to Come

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I am noticing signs that things are changing for me. One of my main complaints has been how intense and special all the spiritual shifts and visions have been but I haven’t noticed much change in my every day life. My emotional reactions are very different but I didn’t think I was attracting experiences or people who matched a better energy. It just seemed like I have been repeating over and over the same patterns – sound familiar??

However in the past few months things seem to be falling slowly into place. Ok, excruciatingly slowly!!! I made friends with someone who lives here locally whereas in the past my friends have all lived elsewhere. Also, we have some similar interests OTHER than spiritual growth, which is something I have been asking for/intending for awhile. People are attracted to the weekly healing circles I began two weeks ago. I also have a strong potential with a part time job that will give me some money as well as support some internal changes.

Now I have understood for a long time that thought and belief have to change in order to attract change in the physical world but sometimes I need to see results in front of me before I can fully change my beliefs. Hopefully, I will soon reconnect with trust and detachment deeply enough that it won’t matter what is happening outside of me. But I haven’t yet.

There are finally enough signs in the physical world that I am beginning to believe more consistently that this IS a new phase of my life and my growth. I am also beginning to really trust that I WILL be ok financially even though I can’t figure out how and I do not yet get the intuitive information details about it.   It is the information I have been given repeatedly throughout the year but I have felt disappointed about the timing and then sort of gave up.

SIGH!! Yes I have been on an intense spiritual evolution and through many changes and STILL go through periods of giving up – even when my mind AND my intuition tells me it will be ok. And YES I get frustrated with the depth and breadth of my doubt. Time and time again I am reminded that no matter what I am taken care of I just am a bit too vigilant about guarding against all the hardship I experienced in the recent past. However, I have written and been intuitive told (over and over) I will not be creating my future out of the past – now I just have to believe it.

This integrating the spiritual into the every day life isn’t always as smooth as I would like it to be!!Hope yours is going wonderfully.


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