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Met an Inspiration Today

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As we spiritually evolve we expect certain changes and certain results. I certainly think of a more evolved person as someone whose life force shines brilliantly from his/her eyes, exhibits passion for life (or at least something in life), has overcome a lot of limiting thoughts and emotions, and has a lightness of being about him or her. These people are often living their destiny or ‘on purpose.’

That may be another limitation I need to heal because of course an evolved person can look like anyone/anything and have any qualities. However, there is an element of magnetism for me no matter what he or she is like.

I met someone today who epitomizes this more integrated being that we are all moving towards. I met a new doctor who is compassionate, intelligent, extremely knowledgeable, and understands his role as a consultant rather than a dictator. He explains everything as if he believes his patients have a brain. He is very present and clearly passionate about his work. When I met him it was instantly clear that he is living his highest good and has integrated much of his potential, not to mention the presence of the wonderfully wise, healing and compassionate angel that walks closely with him. The doctor is a true holistic healer, focusing on the entire human rather than looking only at a handful of symptoms. I am very grateful to have met him and to be able to work with him.

I am inspired by his example. I am more hopeful about my own integration of my intense spiritual side with my physical being.




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