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Recovering and Catching Up

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Well it certainly has been an interesting time, hasn’t it?  Like everyone else I have been doing my best to handle every day life and have not had the inclination to write much for the past 10 days.  I did manage to collect my thoughts about my own processing and put them in an article that I published yesterday on my yahoo group (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).  The big energy surge on Monday affected me strongly, but then anything that affects the earth strongly will do the same for me.  My fear this time was so great I experienced physical distress long before Monday and am just now recovering.

Today I woke up rested, refreshed and regenerated; no pain and no outrageous or dramatic emotions.  YAY!! As a matter of fact it is 5:48 am and I am waiting for the first glimmers of sunlight to go for a long walk.

I knew this shift would create some immediate changes in my life because the more resistance and fear I have to work through the bigger the inner shift (usually).  The first indication was an abrupt change in doctors that occurred yesterday.  I imagine other people will fall out of my life pretty quickly here as the effects of our energy expansions are now showing up faster in our every day physical lives.  The things, events, circumstances and people whose energies/vibrations no longer resonate with us separate with a speed that can leave one dizzy.  Well, at least it sometimes leaves me dizzy.

The good news is that things always seem much better AFTER all the changes occur.  The transitions can be a bit rough though.

Today I am grateful for:

finding the blog of one of my favorite authors (Laurell K Hamilton);

Finding a new doctor who seems to match my philosophy on healing and patient/doctor relations;

my baby sister and her wonderful support;

my body’s ability to bounce back from some pretty intense physical reactions to my spiritual processing;

my darling cat who tries so hard to help me heal;

the ocean and being able to live so close to it; and

the return of my hope.

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