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Finally - Manifesting in the Phsyical

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What a great change in energy on Earth!!  I felt it when I woke up on Monday and have been receiving confirmations ever since.  I have a possible job, an unexpected opportunity to volunteer to support cancer patients and their caregivers through my art, and a new higher vibration of me that showed up  to  channel the next phase of the book I am writing.  A friend received acknowledgment of the difference she has made at her place of work and confirmation that the company she is working for has a lot of integrity. Another friend and client also received information about the changes manifesting in her life.

This is a lot of positive in a short time for me and I am thrilled.  I was so aware that now is the time when my desires are manifesting that I had to lay down for 2 hours a few days ago while my heart opened and waves of appreciation and tears went through me.  It is not always easy knowing something is coming if you know too far ahead of time. I have been feeling this coming for 6 years and thought it would be here long ago.  But it needed a combination of me being ready AND the earth’s energy supporting it.

The earth’s energy has reached a vibration to support manifestation of our desires and energies that we have been creating.  For me and my two friends it is very positive, at least that is our judgment of it.  For some others I would not call it positive but it is exactly what they desire.  For instance, I am seeing one individual who is creating his doorway off of earth.  Since he has a young family I do not consider it a positive thing but he is so unhappy here on earth perhaps it is.  For all I know it may provide an opportunity for the members of his family to grow and blossom in a spectacular way.

The key for all of us is to allow and surrender to our higher selves because what shows up may not look like we expected it to.  My job will be an opportunity to heal more of my food addiction and ego issues, working for what seems like a very upbeat and positive company.  I will be busy, get to talk to people and wear casual clothes – all necessary for me (in my opinion).  But I will be working for very little money in an environment that is not necessarily great for someone with diabetes and food issues, as it is a place where everything is served with bread or dessert.    However, it will get me out of the house for 20 or more hours each week, bring in some steady income and put me and my energy in front of a LOT of people. It also still gives me time to write, make art and volunteer etc.  So it will fit beautifully in my life right now. It took me awhile to get to the emotional place where this is all ok.  I knew I needed to apply to this place 6 months ago and couldn’t make myself do it for many reasons.  I went in there recently to eat and realized I needed to apply and complied this time. It was extremely easy – another sign it was meant to be.

My life is not shaping up to be the way I thought it would or thought I wanted.   However, as I reconnect with who I really am I allow my physical life to shift to support that rather than an idealized version of life my damaged and emotional ego needed to make it feel better.  Today I am pretty happy with what is showing up and grateful at how beautifully it is all supporting my alignment with my higher self (or the true, authentic me).  I am at peace with it all.  Accepting who I truly am, ‘faults’ and all, and loving me enough to allow all aspects of my life to be in alignment with that is an amazing gift.

I am grateful to recognize this in myself and to reap the positive outcomes of what I have been sowing during my intense spiritual evolution.

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