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Recalibration for Higher Dimensional Channeling

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I am moving on up!!  I have been experiencing a recalibration of my energy.  I am already communicating with a higher aspect of me than I was last week.  My poor body is just trying to catch up and my crazed cat is hating the change (of course, he hates ALL change).  However, I AM THRILLED.

This is the fun part of spiritual evolution for me.  I don’t necessarily enjoy all the symptoms of my resistance or when pockets of old emotions burst open for release or healing (YUCK) but I LOVE connecting to a higher place within me.  I love learning from a more expanded version of me.  I have been working towards this for a few months.  Well probably my whole life but I have felt this particular shift coming for a few months.  It is such a relief to be making it.

I have been intuitive told it is from this aspect of me that the rest of the book will be written.  I am, again, so relieved because I have felt kind of stuck for a few weeks.  I am writing but my satisfaction and connection to the writing hasn’t been the same.  It has felt like something was missing.  Now I know – the higher aspect of ME!!

But you know, the body can only hold so much energy.  When it is ready, you can move into a higher realm of existence.  It is possible to connect higher by not being grounded but that is not the way I am living my life on earth these days.  My job is to be as expanded as possible while STILL IN my body.  And I am accomplishing it.

I have to admit I have had some frustrating moments (see my blog from yesterday). Most of these stem from my impatience and my ego still holding on to old beliefs – such as I MUST have a job and I must look hard for it on the computer and in the papers and by walking the streets to find help wanted signs.  It has been difficult to reconcile trust, my intuition and some of my fears.  However, the more I practice trusting the easier it gets.  I certainly have plenty of tools to use when I get fearful – I just have to remember to use them.

So today I am resting as my intuition instructed me. Resting means no beating myself up internally.  It means walking but walking mindfully – slowly and fully present for as long as my body wants to.  I won’t be pushing to go fast or long distances today.  Today resting also means less time on the computer and more time with leisure activities such as reading or watching a movie. I don’t allow myself to enjoy resting too often.  Today I plan to.

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