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Grateful for a new Day

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WHEW!! I had a trying day yesterday. I awoke in a foul mood, quite angry actually. I was upset because the day before dawned to me feeling great, a wonderful aftermath of so much change during the previous two weeks. My mind was racing trying to figure out what I was angry with or at.

I did some channeling to get some answers. The words were reassuring about my future and choice of how I spend my time right now but I didn’t feel much better. I tried to write an article and to work on my book. I couldn’t focus enough do either. I did some energy lightening processes and noticed a lot of gunk clearing from my third chakra but the out of sorts feeling continued. I walked but was only able to force myself to walk about half the distance I normally do. I went out to lunch and that helped a bit.

I finally gave up and went to the library to watch comedy and music videos on the computer for hours. Then came home and finished a good book and went to sleep. Today I woke up feeling completely different – grounded, calm, purposeful and in alignment with my higher self.

Today I know it was a combination of reacting to leftover energy in the apartment from a client’s healing session the previous night (it didn’t clear as thoroughly as I intended), some inner emotional pain I experience when I talk to a friend on the phone who I am supposed to be letting go of but haven’t quite gotten there yet, and email exchange with a distant relative that brought up some old family stuff, and my frustration and impatience with the intuitive guidance that I am not supposed to sponsor a meet-up group with a particular person without any clear explanation (when I REAAALY wanted to). However, in the middle of the emotional flow yesterday I could not get clear information about what triggered it all.

I took the exact right steps to help myself – channeling my higher self, energy healing, walking, going out and then distracting myself with something fun. It still took sleeping on it to help it all dissipate.

Sometimes it is like that – I just have to let some time go by. I prefer to help it along faster but it doesn’t always work that way. I am sure this is where trust and acceptance comes in, i.e. trusting that what is going on with me is appropriate and accepting that it will heal or change when the timing is correct or I am finished with whatever is going on. Spiritual evolution indeed.


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