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Feeling a bit lost - wallowing in gratitude to feel better

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I have been going through another shift.  This time I believe it is due to family visits but I also have been trying a new visualization outlined in the latest Crimson Circle transcription which allows more of myself to integrate (sometimes a bit unsettling). I also have been doing my best to heal some old heart hurts and abuse/victim energy I still carry. So I am not sure what is really causing all of the inner swirling around and shifting. I just know it has been uncomfortable and it brings up a lot of old emotions that aren’t always so much fun, no matter how hard I try to distract myself from them (LOL!!)

I have many coping methods to help my vibration raise when I get lost, vulnerable, depressed or fearful.  One is to wallow in gratitude.  I discovered it through the Abraham- Hicks materials.  Tonight, or rather this morning (4 am) I am going on a rampage of gratitude.

This is what I am grateful for today:

Conscious processing – so I have an idea of what is going on within me.

My artistic talents.

My intelligence.

My sense of humor.

My willingness to continuously face myself and grow through it, no matter how much disarray it seems to cause in my every day physical life.

My courage.

My computer.

My cat.

My baby sister.

My friends

Telephones (to to talk to my friends)

My strong legs.

My perservering body.

My visions.

My hope for a better life (it never dims no matter how upset or depressed I can get).

A fabulous, talented, and helpful chiropractor.

The angels/my higher self aspects that are always there offering help.

My ability to occasionally allow the help.

My clients – especially the ones so generous who work on issues that I too need to address.

The power of prayer and intention.

My paid-for car.

Henry’s  Store- the cheapest veggies around.

The local library – beautiful and useful.

The Ocean.

The positive psychic readings that I have been getting lately from others, whether or not the details are true.

This blog software.

Yahoo lists.

Online tv shows and magazines.

God (really is there a need to write anything else after that?)

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