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Reassurance in a Reading - Can I trust it?

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Well I asked for reassurance and yesterday it came in the form of a fun psychic reading I received.  Now the question is – can I believe it?  I want to but all I can remember is all the times I received wonderful information before which did NOT come true.  Funny, one of the things she said yesterday is that I need to heal/release the  disappointment energy as well as distrust of any business partnership.

The nice thing is that this is the first balanced reading I have received in years.  Usually they are very negative or everything good is happening so far in the future that it is more of a fantasy than a reality. This one was more realistic about what was coming and the issues she mentioned that I am working through or coming out of were spot on for me.

I am not sure why I felt reassured by the reading but all the reassurance that I hear and see and feel from my higher self does nothing for me.  I just don’t believe.  I am aware that what my higher self thinks is ok may not be for me in the human body.  I am aware my human life is illusory and temporary but I would like to be more comfortable, trusting, peaceful, joyful and thrilled with it.   I am not sure why I think that is possible but I do demand it.

For all I know the woman yesterday was reading my desires and fears and nothing to do with my possible future. I did that when I was first starting out as a psychic and her skills weren’t that deep (rather her vibration wasn’t that high).  But it still felt reassuring.

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