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Knock, Knock; Your Higher Self is Knocking

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When your higher self wants you to know something, it makes sure to get your attention.  Thank God and myself that I can sometimes pay attention before it gets too drastic.  There was a time when that wasn’t true.

Today I participated in an email discussion about how sometimes once you have done all the healing you can do and learned your own skills and talent all you can do is follow the waves – surrender to destiny and the energy flow.  My part of the discussion was to say I am not good at this!!  He pointed out the wisdom.

Then when working with a client we supported the healing of an overlay of helplessness/hopelessness that was assimilated at a certain level within our energy fields, i.e. the feeling of not wanting to continue healing or showing up in the present moment because it wouldn’t make any difference.  This is an issue I have been struggling with for a long time and have been very frustrated that I can’t seem to move it. During the session I was told that it was not possible to release the helplessness/hopelessness before 9/9 because the energy of earth and the human mass consciousness was not ready.    It is such a big issue that a certain amount of energy at a certain level of the human mass consciousness had to raise to a higher vibration before we could heal it individually.

So more proof that sometimes waiting is important and it is all you can do. I clearly need to pay attention to timing for those issues I cannot seem to heal or release.

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