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Now What?

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Last week I was able to describe the inner peace and results in my every day life from integrating the spiritual with the physical; from living as the aspect of God I am - knowing that everything else in my life will follow appropriately.

This week I am reacting to all of that and integrating deeper.

When I make big changes, and I am sure this is true for some of you, I do a lot of healing and releasing then shift, then react, then release and heal more. The reaction stage included me falling back on some old behaviors, such as reconnecting with certain addictions (to sugar, complaining, self-sabotage). As I integrate further into the stage of living that I have yearned for my whole life (and in many other lives, if my intuitive memory serves me well) I realize even my reacting with addictions is part of me being god because it is ALL god.  It helps me to remember that so I can relax and allow even the old negativity to work its way through.  Choosing to be positive sometimes means the addiction to negativity has to heal and sometimes healing means it needs to express itself.  I just choose not to let it rule me anymore.

I also realize I am reacting to so much unfamiliarity.  This is what everything in my life has been leading up to. Every thing I chose had the goal of getting here in mind.  As I am transitioning to being comfortable with this full integration I am discombobulated about it all. On a psychic level I feel as if I am floating in the cosmic void as all kinds of expansion takes place inside.  I don’t know that I have any idea what the heck I am going to do now.  I am not sure I know how to just be without striving towards something, with accepting it is all god and nothing is bad or wrong with anything I choose or do.

It is very freeing and in that freedom I am.  I just am.  No direction needed, no obligation, no shoulds, no striving, nothing wrong, don’t have to MAKE anything happen; just being which is EXACTLY what I wanted.  Now What?

My inner wise voice says, "Now I let the integration continue.  Now I appreciate the contrast of how things are compared to my past.  Now I accept everything in my life with the knowing that all that matches this vibration of me, this wonderfully integrated being-ness, will be created for my life in an easy joyful way.  Now I relax and receive, even as I continue to give and share.  Now I appreciate all that shows up in my life as it will match this new me or match what I am expanding beyond.  Now I live my life."

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