Wednesday, 22 December 2010 10:46

What Are You Really Seeing?

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Are your beliefs and expectations in alignment with what is happening to you today or coming up in your future?  We have all heard about how after loss new opportunities arrive.  Well I am talking about when you are already taking advantage of those opportunities but still talking and acting as if they are not happening.  Sometimes it takes awhile before acceptance occurs.


I have spent so long financially destitute that even though I am consistently putting money in the bank this month my brain does not seem to be processing that I am making enough for this month and for next month too.  I find I still sometimes wallow in the anxiety of not having enough money (or, really, not having enough period) even though the evidence suggests another scenario.


I began bridging the gap between the financial abundance in my energy fields and what I am allowing to show up in my every day physical life last November (2009).  I saw evidence of change starting as early as April and now it is continuous and consistent.  However, I still often hear myself say ‘I don’t have enough money’.   I don’t really believe it is the exact words that create our reality but the energy/belief behind that is that I cannot pay my bills and that money isn’t going to continue flowing when my intuition (and current evidence) suggests that is not true any longer for me.


I am not rich or even well off, I don’t have extra to play with, I have needed new glasses for about a year now and being able to afford supplements is a big accomplishment, but generally my most urgent needs are being met.  I was willing to walk through that door that God (and all my inner work) opened for me to new ways of earning money that also have encouraged further spiritual evolution.  I have had several jobs this year that a few years ago I would never have said yes to.


My commitment is to live as the god I am in a human body at all times.  I believe that includes trusting and allowing the universe to take care of my physical needs in a comfortable way.   Sometimes that means I go through experiences just for the growth potential – including not making money through ways that make my heart sing.  The learning experience is to follow my alignment with my higher self and let my heart sing no matter what I am doing. At this point everything I do is about helping others or spiritually evolving.  When I surrendered to that knowledge, my financial situation began improving and continues to do so. Now my emotions, beliefs and inner thought patterns are catching up.


So are you seeing your other opportunities and accepting the wonderfulness already in your life, or do you still see your life through sight that is so tainted with old beliefs and memories that you are blind to what is really happening right now?




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