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Cooperative Interdependence

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 I am learning how to live in this new energy of cooperative interdependence.

Yesterday I wrote about learning to surrender while going through this phase of my life -earning income from work that is not deeply satisfying and that does not pay all the bills.  I am willing to do this because I know from my soul this is the right thing for me right now.

The work I am doing now hurts my body a lot.  It is very physical, and probably in the long run will be better for my health, but for now I am in pain and I certainly don’t have enough income to pay for the support I need to help my body get used to the physical work.

So I went on my local Craigs List ( then pick your nearby city) and offered to barter for fitness training, massage, and acupuncture.  I offered housecleaning, organizing and office work/business assisting – all things I have been doing for about a year to bring income to me. I received responses from some incredible people that I am not sure I would have met if I had not offered to barter.


Now I get a massage every two weeks and acupuncture every week.  So far I have only done a little with the fitness trainer because I needed some healing before I could do much more.   This is the wave of the future, trading or bartering for services and goods.

I am good at facilitating healing – off the charts good with fabulous results.  I am also  good at cleaning, organizing, office work, business assisting, computer work etc.  I would not have thought to barter any of that if I had not been led to do it for money.  These jobs that do not touch my heart have paved the way into the new energy of cooperative interdependence.  They have also provided means for me to do a lot more internal growth through surrender and re-learning about energy boundaries.

I know from my soul this is the right thing for me right now and appreciate moving into the interdependence energies.

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