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Accepting Myself -Revisited

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I have been focusing on bridging the gap between my intensely spiritual inner life and outlook with my every day physical actions for a while now.  It is one of my main purposes of my life.  Along with that I have been trying to communicate in a more understandable way for more people, using words and imagery that fit peoples every day lives rather than being so obviously and traditionally spiritual.  I see people on Facebook writing about focusing on the positive or appreciating each day and the responses are so enthusiastic.  That is their way of accomplishing the same thing – lightening up and going with the flow of the ascension. Each of these people also has a lively interaction with their inner being.   All of those techniques, plus a few others, have really helped me also.

But you know what??  That isn’t me.  So for those of us who do appreciate, who are grateful and who do our best to be positive but crave or respond to more multi-dimensionally spiritual bent in our communications, shifts and growth, I am going to continue to be myself.

The good news is that there are many ways to get to where we are all going even when we are not aware of where we are going!!!  The earth is evolving, so are we.  It doesn’t mater if you do it through your religion, being positive, appreciating, working the land, giving to others, intense spiritual meditating and energy work, or raising and loving your kids the best way you know how – or all of these ways.  It is perfect for you.

What a relief!!!  Just be yourself in all areas, all ways, always.




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