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Remembering Your Sense of Well-Being

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If you want to weather all the incredible energy changes happening on earth and within you, find something that helps you remember your self, your sense of well being, and your sacred centeredness.  It can be more than one thing but find whatever it is.  No matter what your intentions are sometimes you just get caught up in the muck around you, mostly because your own inner issues are triggered.  When you are aware of that happening, choose to clear, heal, relax and open back up.  Then you might have to do something, or go to a special place, or meditate to help it along.  Different things work for me.  Lately the ocean breeze and sun combination are working.  Sometimes it is my art and sometimes meditation is enough. Have you found or created what works for you?

A few days ago I went to traffic school.  The teacher was fun but we spent HOURS listening to everyone’s traffic horror stories.  The energy was overwhelming in spite of the amount of time I spent reaffirming my safety and joyfulness.  I found myself afraid to even drive home.  After asking for AA Michael’s help to dissipate that energy before I started the car, I drove directly to my favorite place that overlooks the beach.  I got out of the car and I walked to the edge of the overlook as if pulled.  I couldn’t have turned away if I wanted to – and I did not want to.  It was cold and breezy and the sun was beginning its descent for the day.  I turned my face to the sun, closed my eyes and asked the ocean, the wind and the sun to cleanse me, to help me feel better and to help my heart energy expand again.

At first it was just cold and I could only feel the wind flow around me.  As I stood there I felt the sun penetrate into my brain and the wind begin to clear my energy.  Resistance to being open and expanded melted.  I felt my heart open wide as if doors were being flung with exuberance and within an instant I became the ocean, flowing freely.  I could intuitively feel my energy flow over the sea creatures and through the ocean plants.  It was exhilarating.  All of the worries, fears and judgments of the day dissolved.  I felt like me again.  Even when my conscious awareness came back to my physical surroundings the feeling of well-being persisted. What a delightful end to a not-as-delightful day.

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