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We are all special

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I once read an email by a lightworker commenting on someone else attacking her verbally. I believe she actually wrote something to the effect of ‘he doesn’t know whom he is dealing with.’  She went on to state how powerful she is and how she could really fight back if she wanted (again not her exact words).  Now, to be fair, all she did was stop communicating with him and for all I know she might have been writing all of that with her tongue firmly planted in her cheek (as in being sarcastic).

But it reminded me how often people want to put those of us who have already opened to our higher selves on a pedestal or to tear us down from the pedestal on which they perceive us.   Worse than that is how many lightworkers I see or hear claiming to be special because of their intuitive gifts while telling another lightworker how to act or what to write or say in order to be a true spiritual person.  Come to think of it, I might have done some of that earlier in my growth (my apologies).

Here’s an interesting bit of information that many seem to deny or not know – we are ALL aspects of god.  If we want to reconnect with our higher selves or inner beings WE CAN!!!  All of us.

No one is prevented from doing it by anything other than his or her own choices and perceived limitations. I am not better than anyone because I chose long ago to commit to a lifetime of inner work to know my soul intimately while in a human body, and some enhanced intuitive skills developed as that work continued.  Just as I am not less than anyone because that commitment takes me far away from what many consider success or appropriate living behavior in this physical world.

Please love yourself enough to believe (or pretend to believe until you really do) that you too can be as open to your inner being’s guidance as any lightworker you read about, talk to or communicate with.  Your own intuitive skills and intimate knowledge of your higher self can develop in a way that is perfect for you, if you want and allow.  If you put someone on a pedestal, have the grace to reassess when they fall off, because they will fall off.  Find your own inner discernment about what is channeled, intuited, or asserted. And most of all, if someone is insisting you must do something a certain way, walk away.  Only you can choose what is right for you and a light worker walking his or her own truth will know this and respect it and you.

And it is ok, and your right, to ignore all of this!!!

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