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Let the help come from where it may

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Your higher self is trying to help you in all sorts of ways.  Your job is to allow it.  If you are putting limitations on how the help can happen, you are not allowing.  One of the ways some of us limit that help is by insisting that it must come in within a certain religion.  Truth is some of the best healers and helpers out there do not necessarily believe in the same religion you might.  Open your inner doors to the incredible possibilities and let your intuitive guidance take you to whomever is the perfect person for the next step in your healing and spiritual growth.

I recently attended a meeting at a catholic church to hear a lay person speak.  This person has been documented as dying and coming back to life 3 days later. Now he goes around to Catholic churches testifying about his personal relationship with Jesus (he talks to and hears from Jesus every day) and praying over their prayer petitions (they write what their prayers on paper and put them in a box for him to take and pray over later).  He is not allowed by the Catholic church to do hands on healing and he abides by their rules.  I am not Catholic or even Christian but something about this drew me. I follow my intuition, so I went.  I prayed to be open-minded and to support any healing needed (by me and others).  When I first saw this man I felt a wash of loving and gentle energy flow through me, kind of like people talk about being touched by the holy spirit.  My heart opened even more while I sat there.  I petitioned for healing for my liver and blood sugar issues.

I woke in the middle of the night going through some kind of energy healing.  I felt the energy – stronger than when I was at the meeting – flow through my entire body.  My skin tingled.  I did not see the exact time but my instinct tells me it was around 3am.  I felt very alive and wide awake yet didn’t move.  As soon as the energy stopped moving I went right back to sleep.

When I woke up the next day my blood sugar had dropped 30 points – HUGE for me.  I also found myself rejecting my inner needy child’s desire for snacks and sugar throughout the day.  WOW!!  Really WOW is all I can even write or say about this.  There was a time I wouldn’t even go into a church – thank god and my higher self and all the inner work I have done that I am very tuned in to my guidance and willing to follow.  Stay open - miracles could be right around the corner.

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