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"Surrendering to the expansiveness of All That Is requires flexibility, faith and open-mindedness. Being deeply psychic requires that I know myself strongly and thoroughly so I don't get lost in energies that are not mine. The result is that I live with greater and greater clarity, simplicity and calmness, permeated with an underlying contentment and constant sense of sacredness."

All my life things happened to me that I labeled coincidence or immediately forgot about or went into denial over, such as knowing when someone was going to call before he/she did, knowing that a register tape had the wrong total without adding up the numbers, feeling as if I was answered when I prayed from a deep emotional place, dreaming of a dead friend talking to me, not understanding why people I worked with didn’t understand the same things I did, etc. I never considered myself intuitive until I began working with a teacher.

When I was younger I followed a more traditional path to a career. I went to college and then graduate school, receiving an MBA. I worked my way up the ladder in an organization, enjoying the intellectual challenges and the financial security but my heart was not engaged at all and I was never content or happy with any aspect of my life. Traditional and non-traditional therapies didn't seem to help me at all

Then I met my first spiritual teacher and knew instantly something momentous was about to happen.

It was in working with her that I began to realize just how intuitive I was and to develop those skills. I learned a lot about energy, the akashic records, individual empowerment, spiritual beings, sublimated (yet powerful) beliefs and agreements, the complicated interconnectedness of our own ‘other ‘ (alternate or past) lives and those of the people around us, appropriate boundaries, energy blocks, aliens, possessions, entities, and too many other spiritual/energetic things to mention. As I worked on changing my own long-held limiting beliefs I discovered that I was clairvoyant, clairsentient, clairaudient and claircognizant. The more I opened up and the more illusions I released, the stronger my intuitive and healing skills became. 

Photo of EileenSo I quit my job and began a long deep, intense spiritual cleanse and growth period that has involved moving geographically many times, learning with and from many people, going through many changes financially and emotionally, losing both parents, letting go of many friends, getting through cancer and other health crises, overcoming MANY doubts, and other changes. Along the way there have been many miracles and evidence of constant spiritual support for me in little and in big ways.

Information and guidance comes to me in the form that works for my clients or seminar/class attendees. It is different each time. For instance, I get information about frequency waves for electricians and about colors for artists. I will feel sensations for people who are feelers and see pictures for visual people. In my business life I was an excellent liaison between different groups of people (engineers and marketing, operations and business), my work with clients is no different. Even if my client comes to me just wanting to know his/her future, there is still healing work that is done because that is part of who I am.

In this day of intense shifts in the earth’s energy everyone is affected in some way, even if he/she is not conscious of the reason. We are all being pushed, gently or not, to let go of our illusions of separation from who we truly are. These illusions can show up as fears, worries, limitations, blocks, traumas, frustrations, loneliness, etc. If you think you are powerless, you are caught in the illusion.  So if you are not happy with some aspect of your life, want to know your future, or truly desire to be your authentic self and rediscover yourself as an aspect of God, I can help.

Carlsbad, CA, USA

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