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Monday, 01 October 2012 20:48

Gentler Shifting

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“Your car is gone!!” Those are the first words I heard at 7:45 this morning when my roommate got back from walking her daughter’s dog. She said my car wasn’t in my numbered parking spot. I hurriedly got dressed to go out and check for myself with my strong memory of parking in the correct spot confusing me and making me entertain, just for a minute, the notion that someone stole my car.

I heard words of reassurance in my head and felt the knowing that all was fine, but that didn’t stop the panic from rising up, causing an uncontrollable shaking deep within. The shaking didn’t stop for a long while after I made sure the car was fine, just parked in the wrong spot (only 2 numbered spots away). I even heard that she is usually wrong don’t pay any attention to her fear or her words. It didn’t matter. The fear within me was so strong that nothing else could quell it. So I just let it flow. Eventually I was able to breathe into it, imagining a bright loving light expanding from within it as I relaxed to let the fear dissipate.

I guess the fear needed releasing, huh?? Tonight I allowed a very deep releasing of an energy anchor that was a place holder for all kinds of limitations (short version). Without letting the fear of this change heal first tonight’s shift would have been very difficult. So it had nothing to do with the fear of having no car or financial means to replace it, and everything to do with fear of my next phase of beingness. I am SoooOOO glad I am being more gentle with myself during these shifts.

Wednesday, 19 September 2012 21:21

See what can Happen?

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I have been prioritizing loving myself. Each time I feel angry, angst, worry, or fear I just go in and love the part of me feeling that. I felt guided to stop addressing the other feelings directly, the way I used to process. Since these emotions generally come from not feeling loved, why not just assist that part of me to feel love?

This can look like one of two things: either changing the vibration of the underlying emotion to a higher one that feels more like love to me (flowing, no resistance, expansive, uplifted, etc) or assisting the inner emoting part of me that usually looks like an inner child to accept comfort and love - and actually feel it rather than feel outside of it.

So much has changed. Some inner hole got filled in. I am more accepting and flexible because of it. More importantly, my first response to anything unexpected, attacking, or potentially demeaning and judgmental used to be anger. Not anymore. I have no idea where it went but I am more observant and neutral, compassionate even. I even found myself a few days ago wondering why I wasn’t angry when that would have been my normal response to a particular situation with that specific person. It just wasn’t there.

Other emotions still come up – fear, anxiety and worry- but not anger. Since I would say my whole demeanor used to be defined by my anger and I felt fueled by it, this is a huge change for me. I also know that if this has occurred, the same can happen for the fear, anxiety and worry. Woo Hoo!!

Sunday, 16 September 2012 16:57

Finding and Honoring Myself

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I am slowly learning more and more about who I am in this long drawn out ascension process. As I release all the shoulds and energy of others I discover what is underneath – the real me. Or at least the real me right now. Today I know I do not like even the idea of ever working in an office or any kind of 9 to 5/full time job ever again. I like having a variety of income producing experiences. I like having time in my day to do intense energy work if I want or to wander to the beach if I am called. I enjoy short intense bursts of times with certain clients as I assist them in packing, organizing, bookkeeping, marketing or facilitating spiritual/energetic healing.

This is important for me to fully accept and embrace because I have experienced money lack in the past and continue to look for jobs to mitigate the possibility of that ever happening again, as advised by well-meaning acquaintances. However, I can no longer even make myself apply to any job that is full time even though I am qualified. It is not part of my life path at this time and I am honoring that.

Living as a 5th or 6th dimensional being still needing to find comfort and support in a mostly 3rd dimensional world takes a lot of balancing and allowing. Honoring myself and my energy is my priority in this balancing act. The rest is just details.

Thursday, 09 August 2012 10:48

Abundance in Action

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I love synchronicities, don’t you? It is my way of knowing I am aligned with my higher purpose. I have been thanking God for abundance for weeks now, saying the Abundance Decree I got off of Facebook (I think from Irma Kaye Sawyer), which I have repeated below. While I haven’t had gobs of money come my way, I am certainly beginning to see the effects of my intentions.

Someone I spontaneously offered help with some healing took me out to dinner (my favorite too –sushi). She is not working so I was thrilled with the dinner. Then a few days later she unexpectedly paid me my full fee. I gratefully accepted.

Then I unexpectedly needed to do some work on my car. I panicked about how to pay for it then just walked into the fear, letting it flow surrendering it and all the anxiety to my higher self. I have to admit later in the day I wondered why I wasn’t more upset about it (yes I am weird that way). I thought it might be because I called someone to borrow money if I needed to.

This morning my guides took me on a little detour and I got lost while looking for the auto repair shop where I had made an appointment to get my car fixed. I ended up at a different place asking for directions. The owner said they were cheaper and talked me into using his place. I liked his attitude so much I agreed.  He was right. It cost me the exact amount of the full fee I received the day before (minus a small amount for some groceries), a full $150 cheaper than the place I was headed to for repairs.

If that isn’t abundance in action, I don’t know what is.


Abundance Decree


I decree that I am a sovereign being of Spirit and of Earth and that divine prosperity is my birthright. I appreciate the opportunities that I have been given to experience all states of prosperity, including the lack of it to give me a complete and total education in this area. I DECREE that I NOW live in a state of grace and flow as a Divine Being and Child of the Universe. All that I require to live a comfortable existence flows to me with ease and grace. My life is prosperous and I also extend my abundance to others that may require assistance through grace and blessing. I decree now that Spirit will correct any misperceptions that I may carry regarding abundance so that I may find full faith and comfort in these facts. I understand also that abundance may come in many forms including money, energy, opportunities, and contacts with others. And so it is!!

Monday, 23 July 2012 13:36

Aligning with your higher purpose

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So what is your overriding purpose in this life? You will know it by how you feel when you are in it and by how easily circumstances, events and people support you doing it.

My purpose here on earth is spiritual growth. It overrides and overshadows every decision, action, reaction and circumstance. I know there are those who have said we are all here to grow but that seems to be my human purpose, my higher purpose, and my underlying governing purpose - to the exclusion of everything else.

That means if I get too comfortable in a home or a relationship or a job, something happens to shake things up. It is not an easy way to live, however, when I can remember that this is my purpose I handle everything else so much easier.

I have been resisting and resenting my recent move from my own apartment to renting a room and a bath in someone’s home. I now know that my higher self has been communicating with me to move since late last fall as I was not growing by staying in the same apartment, doing the same things over and over. At first I thought I was moving to another state but soon found out that wasn’t true. I resisted moving inland, away from the ocean, to a smaller place or living with someone else and got angrier and angrier about it until my financial and health circumstances forced this kind of arrangement.

Remember, if you don’t pay attention to the gentle nudging it becomes much harsher until you take action. So one day (yes, on the same day) I fell and broke my arm and my rental agreement was terminated so my landlord could renovate (and raise the rent substantially). I couldn’t work much, couldn’t pay the bills, and had to move. I am sorry it took so much emotional and physical pain to get me to take a different action and to push me into allowing help but it worked.

That is how you know you are in alignment with your higher purpose and higher self - things just flow. Some wonderful people helped me out financially and with food. The right place showed up within a week, the right people packed me up, put my stuff in storage, moved me and unpacked me. It was the easiest move I have ever made.

Of course, some part of me still wasn’t happy about it. Huge parts of me have been in denial and doing their best to absent themselves from my presence. That means I have been feeling bad emotionally and physically for a few weeks. Yesterday I surrendered and brought me all back together again. I feel so much better. Once I re-oriented to my purpose – constant, deep expansion and ascension – the inner peace returned.

Saturday, 02 June 2012 13:24

The true me is emerging more and more

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To the person who is trying to get off this blog list – you are unsubscribing ME at my yahoo email address not you. That is why you keep getting the blogs. You can either send me your email and I will unsubscribe you or go to my website and do it yourself.


Out of all the intensity this week one beautiful thing has emerged for me – a greater acceptance and appreciation of, and security in, ME. That means the energy within me has changed that attracts people who feel the need to correct me, use me, project their anger on to me, demand obedience from me, or need me to build up their egos or enable them. Of course it also means I no longer need to do or allow any of this for any reason, including fear of losing a job, a friend or support.

I am now able to objectively look at how much of my interactions with others have been governed by that inner fear of being alone, not being loved, not having income, doing something wrong and then getting hurt (but not knowing it would be wrong before I did it), etc. You could say this was all learned in an abusive childhood or I brought it all in with me through parents who just reinforced it. Either way, it seems that another layer of it is gone.

With that a few more friends seem to have faded away – or at least it feels that way right now. I am also able to react a little more calmly to people who feel the need to correct me or control me. I am actually amused (and appalled) at how many of those people are in my life. But then, if that is my energy doesn’t it makes sense?

So I am spending a lot of time alone these days, integrating and expanding, providing energetic and emotional space for new acquaintances and friends who are also embracing their true joyful selves.


Monday, 28 May 2012 15:20

Simple - matching vibrations

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This awakening process we are all experiencing is something isn’t it? All kinds of interesting things are happening to us while we shift, such as random body pains, changing tastes in food and all sorts of entertainment, perhaps even fatigue and energy surges. You may also find that certain acquaintances or friends just kind of fade away or you no longer are drawn to them. Well, another side effect is that you may need to change your support system – your doctor, massage therapist, dental hygienist, chiropractor, bank, or grocery store.

I recently had to stop seeing a chiropractor who has been kind enough to trade my marketing and business skills for his chiropractic skills. I like him a lot and I have been thrilled with the trade. He really helped me the first 6 months or so I saw him. I really have been sort of resisting changing emotionally but my body stopped allowing any restorative care about 9 months ago. My body responded if something went out in my back or neck and needed immediate re-aligning but no long term restorative measures were being allowed (certain parts of my spine just stopped responding). I didn’t want to stop seeing him because it is such a comfort to have someone I can trade with to help my body and I am afraid I won’t find it again. I do not yet earn enough money to pay for that kind of support on a continuous basis. I kept trying to find out why from my intuition, putting off the inevitable, until I finally (and VERY clearly) heard that our vibrations no longer match and I need to stop going.

It is just that simple. It has nothing to do with the distance from my home to his office, his chiropractic skills, any part of me not wanting to get better, or anything else I was trying to make the problem.   I have changed so much our vibrations no longer match and as I am being guided to do only that which matches my vibration or supports it. I have to stop seeing this particular chiropractor.

I am learning to accept this simple concept and to be at peace with not being able to explain it to most people.

Tuesday, 22 May 2012 09:48

Party Time

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You know what? It is time to celebrate you. Let’s show how much you love and accept all of yourself by having a huge party. WOO HOO!!

Let’s introduce all the parts of you that have been pretending to be separate and alone, ok? We're going to invite the money making part to join with the soul expanding and growing part. I invited the part of you that already knows you are in perfect health and the part of you that has done such a good job of activating the challenges that have helped you grow. Who else? Oh yes, how about inviting all the magnificent parts you have been hiding from even yourself? Let's also inviting your lovely heart energy to join us, after all this party is taking place in your heart. I am inviting the shy parts, the cautious parts, the parts pretending to be hopeless, the part that knows you are loved and that you are open to loving. We can invite the nurturing parts and the needy parts, the insecure parts and the protector parts, and the disbelieving part and the all-knowing part (well that part is always there, it will just be more obvious now). Please, make sure the invitations go to every single emotional part created from every trauma and triumph you have ever experienced.

OOOH, this is so much fun. Let all of these parts meet each other. Surprise!! They already know each other, they just forgot that. I love seeing and feeling all those parts mix it up. Feel the energy rise now as they all relax and begin to enjoy themselves. Can you tell what is happening? They are remembering how alive and energizing it is to be connected to each other. If you are really paying attention you will notice how relaxed and allowing every part is becoming. Wait – are they disappearing? NOOOO they are just laughingly and lovingly integrating. YAHOO!! You are SO strong now, so allowing and so open. Great Party.

Friday, 18 May 2012 10:19

Funny Game we Play

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We get so worked up over playing the game.   A game we CHOOSE to play. For instance:

  • Even though the rules can be rather rigid we are always making rebellious choices in the hopes they will bend for us just this time.
  • Each game is a series of choices with consequences, nothing more. Yet we can get so emotionally involved we forget to enjoy the game.
  • Sometimes the game requires tedious step by step planning, choosing and acting to get to where we want to go.
  • Sometimes we make a choice we think will lead to one outcome and, because of the rules, the game sort of takes over and all the pieces fall into place easily but differently than we expect.
  • Sometimes because of shortsightedness or confusion or emotional interference we make choices that clog up the game and we have to back track or even start all over.
  • Sometimes we have guidance we can use to make the next choice in the form of hints and sometimes we ignore those hints because we can’t figure out how they will help us get to where we want, and we don’t have the faith needed to just take the next step.
  • And sometimes we forget the bigger picture and get caught up in trying to line everything up just right only to find out that particular alignment got us nowhere.

What game? Well I was referring to the online card game called Free Cell but doesn’t that pretty much describe the game of Life? And isn’t it so fun that the universe gives us so many ways of telling us to lighten up and have fun playing?

Monday, 14 May 2012 11:23

Immediate Results of Detachment

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WOW! Who would have thought it would take so long to get over missing the excitement of new things.

With detachment comes mourning. I loved the high of buying new clothing and other items, of discovering and enjoying new restaurants and connecting with new people. I am no longer getting that high because I am much more detached from things in the everyday physical world. I chose to fulfill my satisfaction needs from inner growth and expansion, never realizing how long the mourning phase might be.

Some part of me keeps driving me to look for that satisfaction outside of me even though it no longer happens. A similar thing happened with my attachment to drama. I let go of the drama a long time ago but part of me has missed it so much that every once in a while I try to recreate it. It is VERY short lived though just like the satisfaction from outside things is no longer occurring.

I am not dissatisfied with ‘stuff’ it just isn’t needed for my internal contentment and doesn’t bring even short lived happiness; kind of a weird feeling but also exhilarating. This is what I wanted and I got it. That happens rather rarely to me and I want to bask in appreciation of it. (Picture me wallowing and splashing around in it!! LOL!!)

It also means that listening to my guidance is SOooooOOo much easier. My emotions and ego are not drowning it out. What a difference that makes, although I felt lost for a while since most of my decisions were based on my emotional reaction rather than what is in the highest and best good for me. I am gradually adjusting to life guided both deeply and superficially by my intuitive wisdom.

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