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Tuesday, 17 August 2010 01:00

no wiggle room makes life very simple and clear

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So have you noticed as your ascension process continues you are getting more and more sensitive to certain things that before you could handle with no problem? Some of us really can’t handle being in lower energies for very long or engaging in behavior, thoughts or emotions that are not in alignment with our higher self or highest purpose.

If I get caught up in reminiscing about the past for too long I get a headache.  If I future trip (think about or try to plan for the future) too much, I get this sick empty feeling that can also change to a headache in an instant.  If I eat foods that no longer fit my higher vibrational physical living (mostly processed foods or heavy meats and meals) I get sick.  If I spend time with people when it is not in my highest and best good I get headaches and say things that really shouldn’t be said (seriously, the words just pop out of my mouth), or I start reacting to their energies not their words and we both get very uncomfortable. If I am resisting anything I get shoulder and neck aches that go away the minute I surrender. If my guides/higher self are trying to talk to me or get my attention I feel a burn on the right side of my head.  If I do not sit down and listen it gets worse and worse, like a migraine.  If I try to force anything or strive to make something happen, I get very lethargic and things don’t flow at all. It doesn’t matter which area of my life – it could be ways to make money, exercising, talking to someone to get something I want when I need to let go of it, working on one of my books instead of resting or meditating or having fun, staying on the computer too long to finish ‘just one more thing’, etc.

I am so much more sensitive that even the slightest waiver off total alignment is terribly uncomfortable. I didn’t used to be that sensitive but now that I have transformed quite a bit, I am definitely not straddling any fence any more between old and new energies and no part of me is comfortable hanging out in any lower vibrational energies.

On the one hand it is kind of nice to have an immediate gauge to use for my every day life.  On the other hand it gives me no wiggle room.  Either I am in alignment or I am not.  There is no partial alignment available any more.  Life is much simpler this way and usually very clear.  Sometimes my mind has not caught up with this and I have thoughts of eating something that I don’t really want or joining a group that sounds like it might be ok but energetically is wrong for me.  However, I usually find out pretty quickly that I need to make a different choice.

Now I am noticing that I kind of mourn the drama and energy it takes to equivocate or choose the wrong thing just to explore it or because my ego wants some validation (and I decide not to listen to my intuition).  But I am gratefully allowing the mourning to flow and heal as I continue to choose alignment and spiritual awakening.

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“The simpler you make your life, the quieter and more serene you become, the easier your life will be and the easier it is for God/the multiverse to bring your heart’s desire to you.”

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