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It is ALWAYS about the Energy.

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Like many of you I am very sensitive to the energy around me. I am often reacting to it long before I understand what is going on. Usually, as soon as I stop to tune in to the energy I am able to quell any extreme reactions; that is IF I can stop to tune in.

I just moved from a place where I was so crazed about needing it to be clean and quiet – two things it was not. My new place is actually MUCH dirtier (years of dirt rather than just 4-5 months) and I am not feeling pushed to clean it all right now. The housemate’s door to her bedroom is very loud when it shuts and I notice it but do not react much. If you knew me, you would know that is a big change for me.

What IS different is the energy of the woman who owns the house and her boyfriend. I don’t feel the need to clean up their energy on any level so I don’t feel the need to distract from that by compulsively cleaning her house. Additionally, my psychic nerves are not being violated by someone in the house (as happened in the previous place) so I am calmer and more grounded.

Now I didn’t fully realize what was creating all the inner stress when I lived in the old place until I got into the new place. I had hints and I thought I had been successful at repelling the violating energy but I needed deal with it every day and I didn’t. So even though the housemates here are warm, caring and much more self-responsible, the real issue is that no part of me is reacting negatively to their energy.

I am so thrilled I have changed enough to attract this into my life and to re-remember it is ALWAYS about the energy (either within me or outside of me).

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