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New Direction?

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In this post eclipse time we are being guided to what is true for the more authentic self of each of us. It could be back to something that you used to do or know was right for you but got sidetracked from because you needed to clear or expand more (or had to put it aside to make money). It could also be something abruptly new that you never even thought of or still have fears around.

I have a friend who is going back to her artistic roots. This is something that came up over and over in channelings for her over the past 2 years but she is now ready to re-embrace it. I am being guided to go back to the book I gave up writing 3 years ago. It is a surprise to me because I thought the whole purpose of writing was just for my own inner healing. However, I woke up today knowing it was time to focus on writing this book again. I also know I have to be intimately honest about my reactions/actions/emotions in the book and that is bringing up a lot of fear. My friend is feeling very vulnerable about her choice also.

So it is for many lightworkers (not all, but many). What appears to be an abrupt change in direction or guidance is really our ability to finally and clearly know what is true for us, and to allow ourselves to embrace it out loud. No more hiding, obfuscating, diffusing or distracting. All that scouring out of inner issues and beliefs had a purpose!! We are not used to exposing that inner true self so openly but it IS the way of the higher dimensional living into which we are all moving. As we get used to being that authentic in our everyday lives we will eventually not be able to imagine any other way of living.

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