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Friday, 07 June 2013 18:43

Unscattering my Energy

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Someone recently told me my energies are scattered when I asked why I cannot manifest what I want. I have heard that before even though I still couldn’t find/feel what they were referring to.

So a couple of nights ago I asked for all the scattered energies to come back, to be cleansed and refocused. I asked for appropriate energetic and emotional detachment from everyone that I have ever been angry with, guilty about, or hurt by. I was very clear on the few things on which I wanted to focus. I then slept very well until about 4 am when I woke up feeling as if something was moving back into my body, as if some part of me decided to return. I opened very quickly to a lot of higher vibration energy that left me shaking for hours.

I also knew right away I had to go back to the book I abandoned writing 3 years ago but add back in the intimate details of my life that I had deliberately not included. Now I am trusting that this opening and subsequent integration will allow me clarity on when and what to write while I am also working to earn income.

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