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You Gotta Pay Attention

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Recently I was not feeling great – lots of internal worry, irritation and restlessness. I forget EACH AND EVERY time that this state of being usually foretells a big shift within me and desperately wanted some ease and help from others. I reached out to Facebook for some help as none of my acquaintances or friends where available either physically or emotionally (all in perfect accord but still annoying at the time).

I received back so much love. It was a beautiful thing and I am convinced it helped me relax enough to focus on what was going on within me to allow the shift to the next level of beingness. One person even imagined me in an incubator of love, isn’t that great?

I was re-reminded however to pay attention to the core pieces of info and ignore all the advice that people felt necessary to tack on. Three different people told me in one way or another that I needed to love myself more. Not one gave me any way to do this that fit for me. One person was honest enough to say she didn’t know how but the other two had very specific exercises that worked for them. I even asked one if she was receiving intuitive info that it would actually work for me (it didn’t seem so but wow it had certainly worked for her in a beautiful way).

What I do know for me is that change has to come from within. It doesn’t work to use my will to change behavior if the inner energies/beliefs/emotions do not back it up. I know some people can do this, I cannot (and yes I have tried and tried). So after the third time of hearing this I finally was able to let go of some of the frustration I felt at what I perceived as the lack of help, and begin opening within to the love that I am. I have a long way to go to knowing I love myself but after a few days I was able to connect with the one person in my life who always helps me breakthrough. I am not sure I would have been ready had I not listened to the truth of what people were saying rather than their personality’s need to share what they believe might work.

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