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It IS you, not them

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I love it when I deliberately do the inner work to change something and it happens!! I don’t always get to see the results of my efforts/intentions so quickly, and this latest example has been years in the making, but for this specific incident it seemed fast.

I have always had an extreme reaction to people telling me I am doing something wrong, as if making a mistake is an extremely shameful act. It gets worse if they are riding me about every little detail of every communication made, if it pertains to something that doesn’t seem that important to me, if it is not something I could have anticipated, or if it comes from someone who makes a lot of errors him/herself. One of the people I work for was in that mode this past week and I was having a very tough time with it emotionally.

Then, of course, I made a lot more mistakes than I usually do, which was driving me nuts also. I did a lot of inner work and finally calmed down enough to understand this was happening as a result of some clearing I needed to do. I intended that this person be surrounded with lots and lots of love while I worked on re-opening my heart and embracing ALL of the anxiety around the whole issue. I did bunches of inner work on feeling safe, trusting, loving myself, and self-worth

This morning when I received an email from her telling me what I ‘should’ have done in a particular situation, something I didn’t even think of doing, I didn’t even react.  She didn’t change, I DID, and happily so.  I was then able to see/tell that a lot of what I had been assuming about her moods were all the result of my own issues.   Happy Day and great reminder.

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