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Spiritual Growth IS Self Love

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I am on a mission, a mission to accept who I am right now.  That includes every decision I have made (ever), the way my body is and how I have treated it, what I do and think these days, who I have chosen to spend time with or to stop spending time with; in short, everything about me.

Accepting like this is freeing up my awareness for all sorts of interesting understandings and intuitive knowing.  For instance I realized I have no need to hold on to being ashamed of being a diabetic.  For YEARS I have been beating myself up internally for eating too much, for being fat (for many reasons but especially now that I am diabetic), for not being able to heal from this disease because I can’t make myself eat only vegetables, or whatever the latest thing is to heal from it.  When I stopped all of that and moved into accepting this is where I am, I was able to observe others who eat a lot, who eat a lot of carbs and sugar, who eat poorly and do not exercise and notice that not all of them have diabetes.  I was able to see people who take great care of themselves who do have diabetes.  Since it runs in my family I might have been more aware of it and more careful so I wouldn’t get it but I might have ANYWAY!!!!  There is no need for the self-flagellation that I have been putting myself through for the past 10 years.  For now, I am also experiencing change in my food cravings/choices and the way I use food – much more healthily.  Coincidence?  Who knows?

There are other examples in my life where accepting what is going on with me right now has freed up a lot of internal energy but that one is so in my face it is perfect to share.

What allowing are you blocking with your self-talk?  All of this beautiful spiritual expansion means nothing if we cannot integrate it through our hearts for ourselves.  What if the only purpose of this awakening we are all going through is to remember we are perfect as we are and we are already the love we seek (including self-love)? What if in remembering that we radiate more and more love, compassion and acceptance to the world? As my life and desires get simpler and simpler this has become the core of my growth.

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