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I was going on about how I felt like a failure at being human, all the bad decisions I had made, and all the things I didn’t like about me. The round and round in my mind was making my head hurt. I was asked to focus on one thing I appreciate/like about myself. I began from my mind stating that I know I have helped many people in many ways. All of a sudden the light broke through the gloom and I became aware of my intense connection with my higher, eternal self. I felt the energy of all, the many energy signatures (spirits) surrounding and encouraging me, the rightness of my knowing, and the alignment with my greater purpose. I lost the irritation/restlessness at being confined in a body.

When I was able to speak again, still in the midst of tears, I spoke with all of that in my heart/body, with the conviction of what truly is. I have fulfilled and continue to fulfill my deepest desire to be of service to others and to the earth in the way that is perfect for me. I have followed the path of my highest joy in learning and exploring the far reaches of my spirit, and allowed my resulting opening to my highest knowing to guide my life as best I can and to help others when they allow.

It was a miraculous moment of remembering myself.

Funny, today (the day after) the things that bothered me before about my body, my finances, my lack of relationships with other humans, just don’t matter as much.

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