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Spiritual Growth CAN Feel Good

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Edited Pic of me 2 I am happy to notice how strong, flexible, and energetic I am.   I really like my body’s ability to handle me pushing it these days with working (cleaning houses), packing and making sure to get some exercise in on lighter work days.

This is such a miracle for me in many ways.  It wasn’t that long ago that my body wasn’t strong or resilient. It was even less time ago that I could emotionally handle all the different things I have to do now to earn money, including cleaning houses and packing up a 2000 sf house (sometimes doing both in the same day).    More than that, I am pleased that there are somethings I am noticing that I LIKE about me.  YES, me AND my body.

This is a direct result of my inner work on self-love and acceptance.  All the releasing and shifting HAS made it better.  As my higher-self integrates more and more, I honor myself at and in all the levels I exist, including the energy that has formed my body. This very slight change in perspective has made all the difference.  You know what else?  It is  a whole lot easier to set boundaries now.  I also find it much easier to choose to be around uplifting people (before I felt I had to be around or take care of whomever sucked me in).  I am also finding more time in each day to do something I like that nourishes my soul; Sometimes it is only for 15 minutes but that seems to be enough.

As I integrate more, I worry less and try to logic my way into/out of situations.  I don't make goals,  I do sent intentions. Mostly, I allow and continue to choose fun loving things to do/feel.  Spiritual Growth at its finest.


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