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Saturday, 01 July 2017 03:44

A Side Effect

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Edited Pic of me 2 I love really being aware of the remembering of who I am while in a physical body – releasing limitations and integrating more of my own energy.  It does have some unexpected side effects though.  I have talked about this with others who are also expanding and integrating their higher soul energy within their bodies consciously but it really affects my life strongly these days.  I can no longer watch movies all the way through or read books by my favorite authors.  My energy has changed so much I don’t really identify with the energy of popular movies or books anymore.  I sometimes forget and try anyway when I need a distraction from my life, but I am ALWAYS reminded as soon as I try.

I don’t always know why the movie doesn’t work for me, especially when others around me love it, but I pay attention and follow my guidance anyway.  I appreciate being on earth more than ever, yet am detached from some everyday things such as movies, magazines, shopping for entertainment, or most comics or TV shows. Even certain restaurants are no longer interesting or comfortable for me. It certainly makes each day interesting and I tend to be more mindful each day than before

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