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Living 5D in a 3D household

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altar   I am living in a different house than my roommates.  Oh, the address is the same but the energy is VERY different, especially in my rooms.  I live in a 5th Dimension reality and they live in the third.  Our energies overlap in the kitchen – that feels so weird.

I have experienced this in grocery stores and out and about – where people will stand or be moving next to me and not even see me.  I didn’t notice it as much when we lived in the house owned by one of them but now that we are all renting a different house it is so noticeable that sometimes I get dizzy from it.  Andrew Martin and others talk about this ‘bifurcation of energies” (Martin’s term) on You Tube that is happening in the Ascension Process, but it is an entirely different thing to live it in the home within which I sleep.

My rooms feel lighter, more uplifting.  The kitchen is neutral if they haven’t been in it too close to when I need to use it.  I don’t identify at all with the rest of the house – and there is a lot of the rest as this house is very big. I feel an inner peace and relaxation when I am in my rooms and more optimistic. The creatures of the fabulous garden communicate to me about it when I go out to appreciate them and the glorious greenery and flowers.

It means I react differently to events and circumstances.  I really like the new house and am happy with it. I have enough space to feel free and let my energy get as big as it really is.  I am more in tune with the land than I have been in years.  I am glad I get the conscious practice of dealing with this now so I can handle it as it becomes more obvious in my every day travels.

I am still waiting for telepathy to show up.

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